Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doubting Doodle is WET

Last night was….okay. No real issues with costumes or anything, but it seems with the addition of all this new stuff, my characters have suffered. I suppose it makes sense and it’s okay, but by the time notes were finished after 11 last night, I was feeling obliterated. I couldn’t keep my eyes open on the train ride home. I’m honestly not sure how good this show is. I can’t tell. I know that the actors are all very good and I know the play is good, but I don’t know…

Just being doubt-y I guess. Hopefully in 12 hours when it’s all said and done and I’m sipping champagne with the cast, all of these doubts will be distant distant after-thoughts.

I hate the rain. I hate it mostly because I prefer to walk to work because it is faster than taking the bus. By the time I got to work I was completely soaked. My socks, shoes, and pants are still wet and I’ve been here for two hours now. What am I to do? I guess I have to get my ass out of bed early enough to take the bus. It seems silly. Would that I could use the car service I book for everyone else here. Would that I could. Would that I could.

What are YOUR thoughts on the rain?


Carly said...

I almost made it to work without getting drenched today and then right before I got to the door a big gush of wind comes from behind completely soaking my ass and now my chair is wet. F'n rain.
I believe in you doodle. I'm so excited to see this show!

auntie said...

I believe in the power of Doodle! (everyone clap your damn hands)

You will be brilliant because, well, because you ARE brilliant.

Now throw a spare pair of shoes and socks in a bag so you can change at work. Your pants will dry but nothing sucks like soggy feet. It will LOOK like you're planning a trip to the gym after work, even if you aren't. (And since you aren't, do you REALLY want to give up that walk??)

Bad raindrops!!

Darla said...

I bet the show is good. If it's not, who cares? You'll still shine cause you can't help it. Your approx proportions are: 75% intelligence, 25% glitter.

I hate the rain cause I slipped in my stupid-@ss work heels on shiny smooth stone pavement and now my knee really, really hurts.

thank you stupid f*ckin rain.

GMEyster said...

I concur. And I had to dress in stupid skirt and heels because I had an audition for a 'Got Milk' spot earlier today. Oh well, now I am off to see clowns. Literally.

Macoosh said...

buy wellies!!! i bought wellies the other day and they've changed my life. so comfortable, so damn cute, and sooo dry.

do it. they're coming back into fashion in america, i hear, so there ya go.

wellies to the rescue!