Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My homo-logical clock is ticking and other schmidt

Maybe it’s this play. Maybe. Maybe it’s that my lease is up for renewal, and I may have missed the opportunity. Maybe my girlish figure is pumping too much estrogen these days, but Doodle wants to find Mr. Moodle and move into a giant one bedroom and make babies. Well, maybe martinis instead of babies. I don’t know. I’m feeling the need for (ew!) romance. Ugh. All this sexual politics and blah blah blah that I’m around every night in rehearsal is getting to me? Somehow a play written by a feminist regarding women’s roles has put a domestic bug in my ear. How is this possible? Get out of there you silly domestic gay bug! I’ll cut you buggy. OW! I’M DEAF I’M DEAF! What? I have no idea, I’m deaf.

Today is my one year anniversary of being cast in my first role in The Office. I don’t know what that means. It’s amazing considering the ups and downs of performing this role. Sometimes I feel like I should just give up all this acting and work in an office. Like an Equity children’s theatre tour. UGH.

Where is Moodle?

When’s it going to happen?

Can I get some booze poured in my face? GAWD.


Carly said...

The big problem right now is that you are too busy being amazing and doing shows so you have no time to meet Mr. Moodle. When you do I will throw you the Martini shower!
I hate estrogen.

GMEyster said...

You want what I want. But we're not supposed to want it. But we want it. GOD do I want it. I wanna make pies for someone and wash our dinner dishes and then sleep intertwined and then get too sweaty and smack him and say "move to YOUR side of the bed, dammit, I'm burning UP!"


It will come. Carly's right.

auntie said...

8am - 6pm = Sit Com
7pm - 11pm = rehearsal
weekends = one night out + brunch with girl friends
every spare moment = running lines, writing cabaret, doing laundry, sleeping

Yeah. I have no IDEA why you haven't found Nick and Asta and the matching martini shaker.

Take a deep breath, beloved. And maybe a midol. This too shall pass. Whisper it to the universe and somehow, somewhen it will be raining men. {insert opening bar to "Tomorrow"}

Darla said...

Auntie Sash is so right, per usual.

Also, I'm confused by Gwenners saying "we are not supposed to want it." Why not?

GMEyster said...

Dar: I am sometimes made to feel foolish (not by you guys) that I want to be domestic with someone. I want to do someone else's laundry with mine, make dinners for two instead of just one, wash BOTH our dishes. But I'm not 'supposed' to want to do that. That's all.

Darla said...

oh. those people are fools. i spit on them *spit*

dreALu said...

after being with the same guy for 6 years i have to tell you...all of it is glorious, even the spats (love hard, fight hard). But it is so much better knowing that i held out for someone as amazing as me (hehe), no im serious. focusing on developing your life and character will attract a similar type of person (someone with a mature life and character) which makes for wonderful dinners for two, matching sweaters, hand holding, and double showers.

I love you sugar. Times like this shape you and allow to emerge stronger... and damn sexed up for the right guy. hahahaha.

HobartTyco said...

Domestication: the irony. I used to have double showers when my bath tub was made for midgets. Now I have a huge tub with a bowed curtain rod (for even more room in there) and I don't have the person with which to double up. All in good time.
Like I say in class: the stuff that takes long to achieve will last longer. The stuff that comes overnight can go just as quickly.
Wait, does that just apply to abdominal muscles or relationships as well?

Macoosh said...

you gwen and i are in the same boat. i think it's even more intense because it's spring. it'll happen. we'll all be baking pies and doing laundry and complaining over brunch about our Misters and how they never leave the couch. :) i can't wait. sounds like paradise.

meanwhile, i miss you.

Darla said...

wow it's april 11th.