Monday, April 23, 2007


On Friday I ran home and rested briefly before heading to the show. The show went very well. Actually the audience on Thursday night was the laughiest (at me) of all so I hearted them. We had good audiences all weekend thanks to Kaitlyn. She always has at least 5 people in the audience. Holla! Her mom came down from Montreal. She’s adorable. The show on Saturday night was SO WARM because of the sudden weather change. I thought I might melt and die, but I made it. THANK GAWD.

After the show on Friday I zoomed over to the Duplex to meet Darladiva who was finishing up her quickie show. Apparently she ROCKED THE CAZBAUGH. I polled audience members to confirm. We all headed over to get some Mexican McDrinks and Chips which was quite lovely. Sir Willio joined for that. He’s in tax hell, so we didn’t stay too long. We popped back up to midtown and had a final drink at 10th Avenue Something or Other. Woo. I slept in as long as possible before getting up and getting ready, getting my gym stuff (for between shows) and headed off to the matinee. Another good show. Yay! I haven’t done a matinee in AGES. I’m not a fan. I tried out the gym in Soho. It was lovely (surprise surprise) and empty (yay!). I did some circuit training (because Men’s Health Online told me to). I am determined to be hot(er?) this summer. My first summer single in two years is CRAZY. Watch out boys he’ll chew you up. Umm. Ow.

Shows shows shows hooray. After the show on Saturday night I went out with the peas and crew to Lucky Strike. They basically have two for one martinis so I f’ing love them. As we were finishing up one of the peas Quats (sp?) invited me to go with her to Lasagna in Chelsea. “There’ll be lots of mos there. You’ll be my wing man.” “Okay.” It was interesting and quite fun at Lasagna. Quats is a celebrity to the crowd there, so that made me a pseudo-celeb. There was a very cute but VERY wasted (and for me to say so means he was WWYWYWYWSSAASSSTIIIID) boy who took an instant liking to me. He asked one of the girls I was with my name so that when he walked up he approached and said "Hi Jason." Crazy. At 4am when we were leaving the bar I opted to walk Drunky to the train. 4am?? Yes. I didn’t get home until after 5 because Drunky had become extremely enamored with me. He couldn’t tell how, but he knew that he knew me from somewhere. That’s the second time this has happened in a few weeks. Am I on some billboard somewhere and I’m not getting residuals?? Ain’t right. Anyhoo, he decided that I was a “normal” guy and that I didn’t have “issues” and that we should go on a date. Sure Drunky. Sure. We exchanged numbers and after some smooching I sent him on his way. Oh, he wanted me to come home with him, but he lives in Jersey. Uh uh. I hopped in a cab and went home.

I was supposed to meet this lesbian clown Sunday at 12, so I went to sleep as fast as possible. Oy. Ten seconds went by and it was time to get up. I called the LC and reconfirmed that we were to meet (desperately hoping she’d say nevermind). She didn’t say nevermind. Oh well. I made it to the village somehow and met with this crazy crazy woman. We went over the stuff that she wanted me to do. I’ll have to tell you in an email the details (if I can piece them together) because I’m sure that she googles “lesbian clown.” Love you LC, LOVE YOU. (Un)fortunately I have to call her tonight and tell her I now have to be out of town the weekend of the performance because of a personal matter (Darladiva’s show). I just CANNOT do it. That’s the way it goes.

After that I popped over to Barbecue to make sure that no one showed up unexpectedly for brunch. They didn’t, so I decided I would walk around and do some shopping, etc. Yay. I bought Old Navy. Then I walked over to View Bar to have some cheap brunchy drinks=food. This little fellow ended up chatting at (with) me for a while. Then he invited himself to come with me. I told him I wasn’t going anywhere and he said he didn’t care, he still wanted to tag along. Weird. It became very awkward at this point. He was WASTISITED. As we got closer to my apartment I told him I was just going to head home, but that it was lovely becoming new friends. He used the loo, we exchanged numbers with his promise of attractive single friends, and then went on his way. Bye weird new friend (who lives in Jersey…weird).

Then I walked up to the outdoor market and looked at schmidt. I continued on up 9th avenue and went into That Bar for a drink. I ended up chatting with yet ANOTHER fellow who is a teacher on the UES. He teaches 4th grade. Wow. He asked if we could get a drink or dinner sometime and I agreed. His favorite bar is the piano bar Brandys (you had me at piano). Then I did some grocery shopping and went home. I made some spicy Mexican-y goodness while watching tv and then went to sleep by 11. Even still, I woke up SO TIRED. Mondays are so blech. BUT, THIS MONDAY IS ALMOST OVER. That’s all for now. Heroes is back on tonight! Holla!!



GMEyster said...

You are so the man about town. Love it. I just got a call - I have a callback at 1:30 on Sunday for the 'mean lady' tour. Here's hoping you'll do a late brunch and I can join when I am done. As tempted as I am, I don't think I should go beforehand.

Darla said...

brunch? mean lady?


You make more friends in two days then I did in all 7 years of High School.

auntie said...

Good heavens - you should have tried circuit training sooner.

Who knew???

Macoosh said...

there are so many things i love about this post...not the least the fact that you're like, a pimp, but the most fav line was, "you had me at piano."

go getum, tiger.

does the pianoman live in jersey? b/c i say goodbye to the jersians...too far..involves a shuttle..