Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One Year Blog-iversary Post 4 (SCROLL DOWN AND READ IN ORDER please?)

I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH (yes, even you Sir Willio. Now get back to those taxes). Aren’t you all excited for the Spring weather that will soon be upon us? I can smell the pedicures. What? I think ew. But stars always get pedicures, and so must I. It just better not rain on my newly clipped and polished toes because that will make me MAD (scientist).

Thanksgiving is all about the big turkey (Carter).

I’m glad that my new role in The Office is permitting me to write the LONGEST BLOG POST IN THE HISTORY OF BLOGGING! Thanks office, thanks. And thanks for also paying me enough so that I can do occasional showcases for free. That’s good.

Man am I a whore.

But back to The Office for a second. That’s it. One second.

My dear readers/friends, the end of this long long long…long post is almost here. I just want you all to know that you’re the one(s) that I want to suck my youngblood. What? What does that mean? You can’t end like that!


Darla said...

...please don't take my sunshine awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

YAY! 4 blogs means I got to finally finish that song chorus!!!

Oh. Um.
I'm really jumpy and scattered brained right now. I want to type something witty. So I did. I'll do it again: something witty. See? I'm good at it.

auntie said...

Wow. I just saw your life flash before my eyes!

It was...


Happy Anniversary Doodle-Dude!

GMEyster said...

Oh my gotto. 'Thanksgiving is all about the big turkey (Carter).' I am still cracking up.


Macoosh said...

yay!!!! great blogging! i love this idea of incorporating all the labels...i have so many crappy extra labels...its silly.

we're silly.


Darla said...

you only have one more week of show right?! how exciting!