Thursday, October 19, 2006

Exhaustoodled, Indoodle.

Wow, it has just been one heck of a week. I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday, even though Fridays are my busiest days, at least if I can get through it, it will be the weekend. Tomorrow night I am seeing:

"Kern composed hundreds of songs; melodious, poignant, wistful, tender and utterly enchanting. He brought to the treasury of American Song the wealth of his own great talent, and enriched the American scene for his being part of it." - Judy Garland
Three-time Grammy winner Lari White, Tony winner Cady Huffman, Tony nominees Michel Bell and Stephen Bogardus, Drama Desk nominees Nancy Anderson Leslie Kritzer, Julia Murney, Theatre World Award winner Deven May and Michael Winther, Broadway stars Ron Bohmer, Joyce Chittick, Sean Martin Hingston, Noah Racey, Nightlife Award winners Julie Reyburn and Carolyn Montgomery pay tribute to the composer that wrote over 1,000 songs and 100 complete scores. Some of his best known works are Showboat, Sweet Adeline, Roberta, Music Is In The Air, Leave It To Jane and more.

I'm excited about it. I think it should prove to be a lovely evening. And what a way to forget a long and arduous week.

On Saturday, I will most likely have brunch with The BF and his friend who will be in town visiting. Then, The BF wants to go to a haunted house. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like something I'd want to do, but it could be fun, right? I hope it doesn't suck. My friend Sandi from Singin' in the Rain is leaving town to go and do Singin' in the Rain (again) and so she is having a going away for a little while party at which I hope to make an appearance. Then, I am seeing Spamalot on Sunday. Woo hoo! There are lots of great shows about to open on Broadway this season, so it's good that I'm getting to catch this show that I missed. I am most excited about Grey Gardens, Company (which I saw in Cincinatti), The Grinch, The Violet Hour, Mary Poppins, basically everything. I sure am gay.

On that note I bid you a fabulous ciao dahling, I mean, doodling.


A chuisle said...

haha. oooh have lots of fun. spamalot is FANTASTIC. And, I didn't know Company was opening....I HAVE to see that. That's my big #!!! I'll have to see the Grinch too. maybe we can go when I am home for xmas.

yay for theatre!
yay for gayness!
yay for doodles!

Satellite said...

Please take notes at tonights show, mmmkay?

I think a big group of us should see Mary Poppins, I mean really. Grinch too, seeing as afterwards we can have a Christmas party.

love you.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Schmar, are you making a joke about The BF, or you're serious because of our upcoming show-writing?

I'm seeing Mary Poppins on Tuesday November 14th. I got a $40 seat in the balcony, G1. See if there are seats, I think there are.