Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I don't quite know what it means, but I've been tagged by Macoosh, which I have surmised means she is forcing me to blog with a topic that was posed to her by some other bloggerific chica. I am attempting to master the art of putting links into my doodles. That sounds naughty. Here's the meme. I have no idea what that memes, I mean means.

What are the top five songs you want played at your funeral?

1. Simply the Best by Tina Turner because when I hear this song I feel like a rockstar.
2. River Deep Mountain High by Celine Dion because when I hear this song I feel like a drag queen.
3. Feeling Good most recently by Michael Buble, but really from the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint the Smell of the Crowd because when I sing this song I feel like a Broadway belting crooner machine.
4. In the Garden because though I don't believe in God, my Moodle and Granonanoodle do, and we love to sing this song in harmony when we get a little drunk at family gatherings. I'm assuming my funeral will be a general booze fest.
5. Suddenly Jason a parody that Noodle will have to write and perform because that's what friends are for which is a song that will not be played.

Should I have everyone doodle on my coffin? Eww, am I going to have a coffin? Grind up my ashes and infuse them into a bottle of Grey Goose and put me on the shelf with the other alcohol(ics).

May I rest in a piece (of ass). Doodle.


Julie said...

Now you're supposed to tag other people to do the same meme. Go on, they won't mind.

HA I'm guessing that's a parody of Suddenly Seymour?

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lol yes, what julie said. :)

and HA-ha you got a bloga-marketer!!! lol

yay for you being more bloggy!

and, to link to things, write something (like in this post where you wrote Macoosh rocks) and there's a button above the space where you're typing in your post (same space as the bold, italic, photo..etc buttons). it's green and has like a chain link on it. click on that, and a box should pop up and you can type in the link there. it'll then make the words you highlighted into a link.

or, you could just type the link full out. but i find the word as link more asthetically pleasingadoodle. :)

miss you sugarplum. :)

JasonBSchmidt said...

Secret shopping? Doodle.

Anonymous said...

haha, to make sure that doesn't happen again (unless you like the secret shopping attention), go to your setup tab in blogger and the comments section. there you can add a thingy that makes people type in a code to comment. this gets rid of bloga-marketers. i have's much better.