Monday, October 09, 2006

Columbus Doodle, my 19th doodle

Hello all you lovely doodles and doodlettes. Todoodle is Columbus Doodle in the United States. It is a doodle to celebrate the first doodle Christopher Columbus reached America back in 1492-00dle after having sailed the ocean blue-dle. I heard some grumbling from theatre lady who sits near my cubicle that we should in fact be celebrating Leif Erikson Doodle. You know, Darladiva and I wrote an entire cabaret about unknown and underappreciated holidoodles, and ne'er once did either of us come across this doodle. I find that odd. I guess we failed, but have you ever heard of Leif Erikson? I'm trying desperately to access the files of my mind that contain all the schmidt I had to memorize in AP American History, but alas, no Leif Erikson. He led the first Europeans here. I'm mostly German so I'd like to thank him for that. Thanks Leif, thanks.

I'd much rather be at home "celebrating" today by watching Oprah because you see, I'm a hypochondriac and they have a kind-of-cutie doctor answering questions on today. Oh well. Instead I am here at work not "celebrating" because my office does not observe Columbus Day, Leif Erikson Day, or Canadian Thanksgiving Day (which is also today incidentally). We are an international firm so we don't celebrate United States specific holidays. So we're all here type type typing away. But, I only have to work for about 2 more hours and then I can GO HOME!!!

Tonight I am going to watch Heroes which is quickly becoming my new favorite show. The other new one that I secretly (until now) enjoy is Friday Night Lights. These two shows are both wonderful new additions to my television enjoying time. I like Heroes because I've always wanted to be a super hero or villain. My super villain name, and I'm seriously considering writing a show or something around this character, maybe with Darladiva as the super hero, ready for it...The Randy Dandy! I picture him very Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, Jason B. Schmidt-esque. I like Friday Night Lights because it reminds me of my former life as a southerner, and it has hotness all over the screen, both male and female. Yum-o. Hmm, nothing else to talk about as of now. Waiting for Darladiva to get back from her honeymoon so we can start working on either developing the poetry play we put up last winter, or the new cabaret. We shall see.

Going back to "pretend" work while "celebrating" history...


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Darlene said...

So...we're not doing a show in two weeks? sigh.

i'm ready. ok, im not, but i'll act the part and lets get to work.

by the way, I do for some reason remember Leif and Lizard doesn't care about Columbus either, but alas, I was world touring.