Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jason is too busy to DOODLE?? Ain't right.

Wow. The past two-dle days have been the busiest days EVER at work. So busy, in fact, that I haven't had time to doodle on my blog, read my personal email, chat with my fellow Parodiva, Darladiva (who now has her own blog that I haven't had time to read), brainstorm ideas for the THREE NEW SHOWS she has suggested!!, basically I've had to WORK at my JOB!! Oy. So instead of waiting until the afternoon, when I used to have oodles of time to doodle, I've decided to write something first thing and ignore the pile of stuff sitting over there <--- that I didn't finish yesterday. DAMN THE MAN, or whatever. So, here's what I've been meaning to say:
  • Yay! Darladiva has a blog now: To the Left of Right
  • Macoosh is a blogging rockstar and always deserves a looksie, and yes she answered MY question on Ask Macoosh this week, so I want you to find out the answer: What are the pros/cons of the Irish hair and skin tones that hath been bestowed upon thee?
  • Heroes was great this week! Claire, the cheerleader, is hands down my favorite character. I find her power of rapid cell regeneration (i.e. can heal super fast from any injury) really cool. She did in fact exact her revenge upon Attempted Rape Guy and it rocked! The other story-lines are progressing nicely as well. Woo hoo! What shows are you obsessed with? Which character's storyline is most fascinating?
  • Continuing with the TV talk, Friday Night Lights is also a great show. It's funny because when you look at me, talk to me, are friends with me, see me on the street, you think I'm a Noel Coward type and so I would have no interest in a show about football, but surprisingly because of my former life as a Texan I can really relate to this show. It's crazy! I don't want to go back there, but I know these characters, I've met them and interacted with them, and often hated them, but find them fascinating nonetheless.
  • Noodle is still on tour. Check her out. She has to invite you to view the blog, but if you ask nicely I'm sure she'll let you. You may have to ask me to ask her, but I'm sure if you ask nicely I'll do that for you.
  • My dear friend Cricket is a hottie Jack of All Trades these days, check out his site and see if he can clear your mind and teach you the art of yoga, star in your musical revue-dle, build you a house, or babysit your children.

That's it for now. Doodle doodle doodle doodle doodle doodle. Daily usage of the word doodle for toodle-day:

"What's the name of the guy that fronts that band, um... you know the one?" Dr. Doodle McDiddle? "Yes."


Satellite said...

I thought I was going to cry when you were busy because of actual work, I may have actually cried a little. I may still be crying now.! get your funny pants on! woot woot!

A chuisle said...

yay for another parodiva show!! or trio of shows!!!!

i think i should be an honorary member. :)

yay for blogging, and yay for your show w/ the cheerleader. I was hoping she survived. for your sake. I'm always thinkin of you, lovah! :)

anyway....have a great day and I miss you!!!

A chuisle said...

p.s. tagged you again! mwa haha