Monday, October 02, 2006

Birth-doodles complete

Happy Birthday to all the fabulous Libras and almost-Libras out there in the world!
9/21 - Chad Alan
9/26 - Doodle's truly
9/28 - Mark
9/29 - Josh
9/29 - Aunt Tammy

These are the libras in my life. Truly marvelous human beings whose mission in life is to keep things balanced. Hollah!

I saw A Chorus Line for my birthday. It was a really great evening. I've never seen it before and was very very entertained. There are wonderful stories told beautifully through movement, song, and speech. I definitely had one of those "man, I wish I could be up there" moments. I love those. Even though I clearly know I'm a Dance 2, Looks 5, and I'd have to take dance from dusk til dawn for 5 years, I still couldn't help thinking, "I can do that, I can do that!"

Well, I'm 27 now. Officially late 20's. FUN TIMES!!??


James said...

i hate to admit this but i am here to advertise my blog (in a kind of new age jehovas witness kinda way) as it doesn't have as much of a readership as i would like; so if you have time please check it out:

Darlene said...

who is that?

yay for late twenties! just think, at 29 we all get to stop counting, what a relief that'll be, I was never good at math.