Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesdles are for Doodles

Doodle everyone, doodle.

Let's see, whence shall I start? Okay, on Friday night I saw the Tribute to Jerome Kern (yawn). It was quite boring. The creator, cabaret reviewer extraordinaire Scott Seigel, has an interesting concept, I must say. That is, he has created a cabaret of sorts in which he does all the patter and Broadway and Cabaret stars do all the numbers. While the concept is interesting, the patter was not. Well, not to say that the little tidbits of history, etc weren't interesting, and they are definitely necessary in cabaret patter, but his delivery was so drab. I mean, how hard is it to get Charles Busch to come out (he he) for one night to host a cabaret show thing? Anyhoo, I'd also like to hear some patter about Jerome Kern that isn't simply timelines and such. Who was he in love with? Why did he write such beautiful melodies? Who was his muse? Did he have sex with the Gershwins? You know. Anyhoo, when the Parodivas rule the world...

Saturday was spent brunching with The BF, BF's Friend from Ohio, BF's Crazy Libra Friend, and Doodle's truly at the FCC. It was a lovely brunch indeed, but I kept thinking it was Sunday because, honestly, who brunches on Saturdays? Then, The BF and I were supposed to go to a Haunted House, but it was sold out. So we proceded to Sandi's going away shin dig. She's off to do Singin' in the Rain (again). She and I became friends (and pretend spouses) the first time she (and I) did Singin'. She played the female diction coach, and I the male. As we were supposed to meet back up with BF's Crazy Libra Friend, we just popped in, hugged, bought her a drink, did a few shots, and went on our merry way. She looks great and showed us the choreography she was made to do at the dance call for The Little Mermaid. High-larious. Love you Sandi, and I look forward to your stories of Singin' Round 2. Send 'em to me and I'll post them here. Drinks with BF's CLF were great. We went to Danny's and Jerry asked me to sing. I obliged, and for once The BF didn't say something rude or critical. He just said "That was nice." This is probably the best compliment he has ever given me after singing at Danny's, and honestly I think BF's CLF told him what to say so that I wouldn't get upset. Whatever. I don't need his praise, I just feel I deserve it. Does that make sense?

On Sunday, we had tickets to Spamalot. We brunched at FCC (again) before heading over to the show. We sat at the bar and met a lovely lovely lesbian named Elizabeth. While no one could ever replace our Veluptuous Vanessa, this chick did a pretty good job keeping the booze flowing, and maybe Noodle can have a threesome with her and her girlfriend Janet. Yay! Spamalot was okay. It would have been a riot with the original cast. It was decent with this cast. I haven't seen the Monty Python movies, really, so I think I missed a lot of inside jokes. Anyhoo, it was fun.

After Spamalot, The BF and I went to the haunted house that was sold out the previous night. It was just okay. It honestly does't even need reviewing. Eh.

In other news, my dear friend Gwen has started a blog. Gwen is hot! Check her out. You know you want it.

Thanks to Noodle for my lovely birthday gift. It is a leather flask, that came with four little shot glasses. It's wonderful. Thanks Noodle!

I will talk about Heroes in the next post. I'm just glad to have gotten to say a little something before getting to work. Boo-dle. Boo-dle, I say!


A chuisle said...

hey doodle. i'd give my right arm to see you as the male diction coach. i can totally picture the whole thing....which means, i don't really need to see it and therefore won't be giving my right arm.

no i said! you can't have it!

miss you. i better drinkoodle w/ you around xmas time.

Satellite said...

Don't get me started on the compliments from the bf thing.
Moving right along...I would also like to give you your birthday presents!

Julie said...

"And I Caaaaaaan't stan' 'em!"

I'm sure you were fabuloodle! That BF needs to have his noodle checked.

JasonBSchmidt said...

LOL to all three of you craaazy ladies. Julie, at brunch on Sunday I actually ran into our Lina Lamont! She invited me to a makeup party in Queens. Is that not the gayest thing you've ever heard of? To quote Margaret Cho, "that should be called Fuck Me in the Ass...bar and grill"

GMEyster said...

Jason, I need to see you more. I told Dar tonight, her and your blogs were the ones that made me want to blog. You're an amazing writer. I CRACK UP reading your words....a tremendous gift.

And I am going to crack BF over the head - you know I will! - I almost did it last time we brunched together! Ha! No, seriously.

Thank you for saying I was hot. I wanna sop you up with a huge biscuit, covered in hot sauce...and feed it to you, cause I can't handle the heat.

I think you're amazing.

p.s. how do I link to you? I cannot figure it out, which more than likey means I am really missing something here....