Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Twent-oodle-ieth Post: Heroes

In an effort to be more "bloggy" as Macoosh said, I have returned to post one day after my last post, which if you scroll through the Doodle A Day history, you will see is a rarity and I daresay a n'erity. In today's post I will chat about Heroes last night .

It was a very good episode. I think Claire the cheerleader is my favorite, and due to the ending I think her story line is about to get crazy interesting. She's the one who if injured, heals really really fast. i.e. Wolverine in the X-Men. She, of course, just yearns to be "normal," and wants nothing to do with her special gift. In an attempt to do so, she winds up at a bonfire where all the football jocks and cheerleading chicas are hanging out drinking beer, as TV high school kids are want to do. I don't remember ever chilling with a kegger in high school, but maybe that's just me. I was too busy learning to use spirit gum to fasten a fake beard to my face for Fiddler on the Roof. Anyhoo, the very cute quarterback lures the drooling Claire to a secluded set of bleachers. They start making out, but the naughty quarterback of course wants more. He begins to force himself onto her and she tries to fight him off. He ends up pushing her off the bleachers and she falls backward onto a log and impales her neck. She doesn't heal from this, as she has previously healed from her other injuries. It seems like she's dead! Oh no, my favorite character, written off the show so soon? Noooooooooooooo! Well, thankfully, in a cliffhanger ending, the final shot is Claire is on an operating table, in a dark basement-like place, her chest has been sliced completely open, and all her ribs are showing! WTF? Can't wait until next week to find out when, where, why and who.

As for the other characters, their stories are now bringing them closer and closer to each other. Annoying Asian Teleportation Man calls Heroin Addicted Clairvoyant Artist, because said Artist is the author of the comic book that is predicting AATM's life. Wow, that sentence is confusing. Then, HACA's girlfriend has left him and now she's canoodling with Hottie McFlying Guy. It seems that Hottie McIndian Fellow (who doesn't seem to have any power, just the hunger to prove his Dead Daddy the Professor right, and find these special people, namely the elusive psychotic killer Sylar) will soon be interacting with Mind Reading Guy who is now working with the FBI to find Sylar. Sylar has crazy telekinetic power, enough to make FBI Chica put her own gun to her head! After being shot, Sylar, much like Claire, is basically unaffected by the bullet wounds, and heals instantly. No wonder I like this show. It's like Young and the Restless for the 16 year old Dungeons and Dragons Player in my mind! Anyhoo, if this sounds at all interesting to you, watch the first three episodes online. And if you're really feeling geeky, as I did today, you can check out the special online only comic books, that delve further into the story. Okay, that's that for now.

Tonight is Friday Night Lights. Woo hoo.

And as always, when watching TV or otherwise, remember...Doodle.


Julie said...

Hi Jason-doodle! I also watched Heroes last night. Mike and I are trying to get into it (we need another tv obsession like I need a hole in my head - hey that reminds me of the cheerleader!). I was only 1/2 watching though...but it looked like the cheerleader was having an autopsy done on her - so they already thought she was dead, and as soon as they took out the branch stuck in her head, she woke up. Yikes! I'd hate to be the coroner working on that chick!

Anonymous said...

tee hee. yay!!! i'd totally watch it but i have to pay to watch new episodes, so i'm sticking to my one true obsession: LOST. :)

ummmmm...i hope we get together when i'm home for xmas b/c i miss you oodles. i'll def. come to nyc...maybe i can shack up with you one night? we can get drunk and fall asleep with random people sleeping on us like last time i slept over.

p.s. i see you got the visual verificoodle thing for the comments...nicely done!

JasonBSchmidt said...

OMG Julie, thank you! You are SO RIGHT! They think she's dead and they're trying to figure out how she died. AMAZING. She's going to have to spring herself from the hospital and take revenge on Attempted Rape Guy!! Well, I'm busy watching Law & Order SVU.

Thanks Julie, who's super power is to lose oodles & oodles of pounds!

Heroes! Doodle!!

A chuisle said...

i dunno why my comment came up as anon...or why it came up as being posted before you commented on julie's comment...because i totally commented after...


in other news, yay for your bloggyness. i see you've been playing with the template! you go!

Darlene said...

I have missed it.

I am already obsessed with Greys Anatomy, and also enjoy SVU.

Remember when I emailed you about a poetry play about heroes? who is screening our emails? oh right, corporate america.