Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Doodiful Girls

Last night Crickpot and I saw Follies at City Center. It was such a great night. I was most excited to see Victoria Clark while Crickpot was stoked to see Donna Murphy. Is that gayer than butt sex? The show started and every time someone made an entrance they were given huge entrance applause. I honestly found this a bit tiring, but I felt, as the other 900 pabillion people must have, that these people are all veterans of the stage and so deserve our praise (even though we couldn’t see which veteran was which because we were sitting atop an oddly shaped chandelier (or close enough)). The music is so wonderful. That was all I was really familiar with prior to last night. I knew the basic story that all these actors from the Follies come together so many years later into a theatre that is populated by ghosts of their former selves. As Crickpot pointed out, the story is really great. It is such a “journey.”

Victoria Clark’s portrayal of Sally was superb. She is a fabulous actress and if she wasn’t already a mommy I’d offer to have her babies. Her delivery of In Buddy’s Eyes was divine. I wish I had remembered my opera glasses so that I could have seen her expressions more closely, but even from where we were (atop chandelier) we still got it. Yum.

The French chica (I should have said mademoiselle) was hilarious with her rendition of Ah, Paris! Tres bon!

Mimi Hines’ Broadway Baby was everything it should be.

Christine Baranski was just sort of off in I’m Still Here. Sad face.

Victor Garber was okay, but when he and Victoria (yes we’re on a first name basis (now)) sang the Act 2 closing number Too Many Mornings, my heart sunk into the floor and then jumped to the ceiling as the curtain fell.

Donna Murphy is more royal than purple. Could I Leave You? was moving and strong and funny and brilliantly executed.

FUN TIMES! Thanks Crickpot for being the bestest date ever.

Hats off,
Here they come, those
Doodiful girls.
That's what
You've been waiting for.


Darla said...

Knowing me personally, you know that this entry was a series of blank names to me. It's my equivalent of a math equation. Damn you for smartness.

YAY Crickpot! He is a funn datee.

I'm glad you had a good time. xoxox

GMEyster said...

Uber jealous.

You know what I think is the craziest? I actually heard Victoria Clark say on NY1 - 'I'm a much better director than I am a singer or an actress."

I want to see this woman direct, then, too!

Too bad about Baranski. But she doesn't seem old enough. What did Stritch say about that? You can't even attempt it til you're 80?

Maybe there's something to that...

A chuisle said...

agreed on the stritch thing. i have that dvd!

meanwhile, could i leave you is one of my most fav. songs I've ever performed. Thanks Michael Hume and your rainbow brite belt!!!

One thing I don't care for about Ireland is it's lack of musicals. Although it's good for me because I'm expanding my straight-show seeage. Still, I want to see unnecessary reaching for the stars and overacting just a little bit! Or, have an experience like yours where it's all just right...cept baranski...poor young baranski.

GMEyster said...

Poor Young Baranski. Sounds like a soap opera.

HobartTyco said...

I would refuse to see it from any other vantage point. Well, maybe I'd opt for a seat NOT next to Jordan's boyfriend.
Tears came twice. Donna kills me. Bebe on Saturday and Donna on Monday...what more could a man want?

Wait...but sex is gay?

JasonBSchmidt said...

I forgot you got to see Bebe. You're a diva-chaser...thank god.

You're right, I shouldn't limit such an enjoyable pasttime to the queers.