Sunday, February 11, 2007

An open letter to "anonymous"

From my dear friend Gwenners:

Oh, no. Sooner or later this is bound to happen. A comment I made on Doodle's blog yesterday was taken in a way that I didn't intend. Upon reading it again, I can see how it could be interpreted in the way that 'anonymous' took it.

I said "talking like made about finding a composer/piano player who cannot sing" - first of all, I said "made" when I meant "mad" (oops, I think I was still drunk!) and secondly, if 'anonymous' is who I think it is, I offended the person that I was so enthralled with during the performance of "At Least It's Pink" on Friday night at Ars Nova.

Let me explain: we saw said show on Friday night. LOVED SAID SHOW. The four of us that attended are performers/writers/singers/improvers who could not shut UP after said show was over. We talked about how wonderfully the show was set up, how we loved the quirks, surprises, skill of not only Bridget, but of someone like the composer of the show, who we think is a BRILLIANT musician/composer.

I cannot play the piano; I am always searching for a piano player/composer/music director that has the kind of skill Kenny Mellman does. I am always so astonished when someone like Mr. Mellman generously takes a 'sideseat' to a singer, especially when he is himself a singer (which we saw/heard on Friday night). I said to Doodle, "I need to find a composer/piano player who cannot sing so they won't discover they can do what I do on their OWN and leave me!" and we all agreed that yes, we need to find a musician that NEEDS the singer. Kenny Mellman needs no one to sing a song. He is capable of doing that completely on his own. Unless I want to sing acapella (which I don't), I NEED a piano player. And any singer worth a grain of salt will tell you just how HARD a good one is to find.

'Anonymous', I am sorry....from the bottom of my crispy (yet pink inside) heart.


Darla said...

Ay ay captain! Kenny Mellman is in fact talented AND adorable. In fact, when are we working with him?

With this mighty mix of adoration and understanding, we could be bff'ss. Kenny...if you're out us. We have ideas only you can understand.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that! I'm an oversensitive virgo who shouldn't be looking at blogs anyway. It is tough sometimes being the side-guy. Thank you for your kind words.
You can always bombard me with project ideas at


A chuisle said...

sometimes i get jealous when you write about all your fun social nights out. i think you should carry around a macoosh doll so i can be there in spirit. that way, when i do come back, it won't be weird for you guys cuz you'll already be used to me there!

for a doll, a suggest rainbow brite.

lol. i miss you guys.

Carly said...

Who is this Kenny? Now I have to see the show! You guys are unbelievable.

GMEyster said...

Carly, you would had LOVE this show. Tis right up your alley!

HobartTyco said...