Monday, February 05, 2007

Friday's wisdom (influenced by 3 margaritas)

Gwenners and I saw All that I will Ever Be at New York Theatre Workshop on Friday night. Thanks to Flying Figs for the free tickets! This is a new play by Alan Ball, the creator of Six Feet Under, which she and I both had be adore. It was a lovely little hustler play with some great lines. Most notably, an older gentleman (played beautifully by David Margulies) says to the main character/hustler (played hottily by Peter Macdisi) "People don't pay your kind for sex, they pay you to leave." Something along those lines (sorryAlan if I paraphrased). Yes, Alanand I are on a first name basis; he just doesn't know it yet. Back to that line. It caused such a wonderful reaction in the audience. Little gasps, and ohs and oohs. Poignant. Michael rocks. The play was quite enjoyable and had a little twist in tone at the end which worked well. Patch Darragh played several characters, all of whom were so different it was difficult at first to realize it was the same chap. Bravo Patch. Bravo! Anyhoo, after the play, Gwenners and I met Crickpot for some booze and buckets of chips (and salsa). It was a lovely little time, and the moral of the story as muttered by doodle's truly:

"I'm all for sexy tofu. It's like women. I'm not going to eat it, but I'm glad it's there."


A chuisle said...

oooh i love michael ball!

and that line about tofu is fantastic.

GMEyster said...

I think you mean Alan Ball! I think you are confusing Michael C. Hall and Alan Ball!

Thank you for posting your comment about tofu, too. Oh, that was a fun evening....and you are so funny, even I am hurting a little right now.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Thanks Gwen. I fixed the post. I LOVE Michael C. Hall. I wish I had cable so I could see his new series. Sigh.

Darla said...

tee hee! i wish i was there to hear and see that! lol
lovely quote my dear.

GMEyster said...

Yes, I want to watch 'Dexter', too. Damn the cable gods! Revolt!