Friday, February 02, 2007

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Doodleman OR Darladiva is my agent

Soooooooo, on Wednesday Darladiva insisted I come along with her to her audition for It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Superman. This little flop musical is being presented by the Opening Doors Theatre Company. Through networking in the cabaret world, we are friends with Hector Coris who is their associate artistic director/marketing guru, I think. Sooo, why not accompany her and see if maybe they can put me in, since I didn’t have an appointment? And since every time Darladiva brings me along on an audition and I’m not necessarily prepared and my heart isn’t set to be broken, I typically give a pretty good audition. It seems that this still rings true, even though I can’t remember the last audition I had. After a bit of waiting, I went in and sang and they asked me to come back tomorrow to read for Dr. Abner Sedgwick, the mad scientist. Of course. I rushed home to download the cast album from iTunes so I could learn this fellow’s song(s) in case they wanted me to sing them. No such luck. I guess iTunes hasn’t gotten around to uploading flop musicals onto their site. Well, the next night I headed over to my callback and looked over the sides. This fellow is eccentric and crazy and has 5 Chinese henchmen named Ling. I mean really. Of the five fellows (not Chinese) who were auditioning for the role, I was by far the youngest. Surprise. Anyhoo, they kept me for over two hours reading with this guy, reading with that guy, etc etc blah blah. All in all it was a great audition, I had them laughing, and I felt satisfied with what I had done. Semi-long story short, doodle’s truly will be playing the role of Dr. Abner Sedgwick in It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Superman! Holla! Thanks Darladiva.

In other news, I’m wearing a bright red shirt today and you’d think by the looks I’m getting it has pictures of dead babies on it or something. Gawd. I don’t wear that shirt to work. I’m decent. Geez.



Darla said...

I'm truly in the wrong field. (ie: can someone pay me to be their casting agent/life coach/job recruiter/therapist/resume writer/letter writer? I will DO IT FOR A LIVING PEOPLE! JUST WRITE A CHECK!)


GMEyster said...

THAT IS SO WONDERFUL! I cannot wait to see this!!!!

Congratulations - woot!
xo Gwen

Carly said...

That is Fantastic! When can I get tickets?

auntie sash said...


Although this puts a dent in my sitcom plans.


And how much did it make you giggle to make a "dead babies" label???

A chuisle said...

hooray! congrats! that's sooo exciting! i hope it runs forever and ever so i can see it. haha. maybe tape it. :)

so glad that's happened for you. when i come back, i'm having darla take me everywhere. i think she's lucky. :)

i think you should wear bright colored shirts every day, just to freak the work people out!