Monday, February 26, 2007

Heroes & Spicy Gumbo makin' Monday suck less

Boy-o was I tired from this weekend. I really could have used a weekend from the weekend, but alas, Monday still came. Stupid Monday. Rehearsals are going to kick into high gear this week. For those of you who told me "learn your damn lines bitch" or something along those lines, you'll be glad to know that I spent an hour at the gym reciting evil scientist banter. It really worked. I am about two pages from memorized. Of course that will all be thrown out the window when I start rehearsing with humans, and not ellipticals, but most of the words are in my brain and we've still got time. Woot woot.

Right now, I'm eating a grilled chicken breast with some spicy chorizo and okra gumbo that I made, while watching my favorite show Heroes. Holla! Okay, it's back on, be back in a second. Ohhhhhhhhh suspenseful. I hope the cheerleader isn't dead (even though I know she isn't because her thing is rapid regeneration). At least I'm not a comic book nerd with a blog. Oy. Okay, time for more gumbo.

What did you all do tonight?

Okay, I guess that's it for the post. Heroes is back on and it's time to dig into my seconds. I think I'm going to watch the Oprah thing after this. I'll try to update you on rehearsal on Wednesday.

DFN (Doodle for Now)


Darla said...

My first thought REALLY want to try your gumbo...cause you can COOK!

Then, I remembered it is YOUR gumbo so the spicey will kill me and I will be dead.

It's worth it to die happy though, right?

GMEyster said...

my thoughts exactly - hey-o...does the use-o of this language-o mean-o you gott-o the magazine I sent-o?

Hope so-o-o...

Carly said...

I went out drinking for a friends last night in town and after the weekend we had... I might be dead by tonight. mmmm gumbo.

HobartTyco said...

I'm kinda excited to see your show on Monday but I'd be much more excited if the show was cast entirely of ellipticals.

Work on that one for me.