Thursday, February 15, 2007

Haiku-dle from Doodle

Back brace breaking me
Itchy scratching never stops
Mother rocks to sleep

Eleventh birthday
I’m feeling fat by the lake
Friends never notice


GMEyster said...

Back brace? Did you have scoliosis?

Fat by the lake. I've been there.

JasonBSchmidt said...

I had a mis-placed disk. I vividly remember this horrid liquid I had to drink before my catscan. They told me it would taste like lemonade. IT DID NOT. This memory smells like hospital. Weird.

Carly said...

I remember having to drink something horrible before my catscan that they said would taste like Sunkist. It was more like orange flavored glue with sweet n' low. My memory smells like hospital too! Better than dentist.

GMEyster said...

Fat by the lake smells the worst.

auntie sash said...

Neddibobeddi is wandering past that lake now. 13 - still prepubescent - and pudgy baby boy. looking at cousin Jason now is one of his best reminders that this too shall pass.

And is that the lake where cowboy sheriff caught the turtle??

that memory smells like lubbock and sounds like chirping bugs.

Darla said...

Why are these comments poetic too? You are all amazing. I will try my best:

fat by the pool was my memory, and it smells like bitter grandmother and doublemint gum.

A chuisle said...

ewwww that stuff you have to drink for catscans is the worst.

and dar totally hit the fat by the lake/pool smell on the head. only mine was too-covered-in-baby-oil aunt and the leather of a baseball glove.