Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Let's bring on the men, a post about relationships...ew

I had a dream about getting back together with let’s call him “Bart” last night. It was such a short and crappy relationship (4 months) I don’t know why I fantasize (in dreams or otherwise) about what it would be like to get back with him. Perhaps it’s because it ended abruptly and was out of my control. Aha, I think that’s it exactly. I want to get the control back and I don’t have the means to do so. Even if it is to get the control and then finish the relationship on my terms. Hmmm. I’d prefer not to call it a relationship, but then that puts my grand total for life at 3 long term relationships. 3 men who have been on the receiving end of “I love you” from my lips. I can’t help wondering what the right guy (forever or for right now) is supposed to be. These three fellows were all so different; it’s hard to even pinpoint anything that connects them except for me. There was something inherently sweet about each of them that gradually went away completely. What does that mean? I turn sweet guys into jerks, by telling them I love them? Great. Might as well be a black widow. At least she gets a nice meal. What’ve I got to show for this? Well, I have a rambling post on my blog to show for it. That’s neat. So, since we like polling people and quizzing them and forcing them to flesh out our blogs with words of their own…I ASK OF YOU: what attributes are most important to be the next companion to Doodle? I’ll get us started:
-Get’s my sense of humor and laughs, often
-Knows how to carry a martini “across a crowded room”
-Only uses “ya’ll” if referenced in a knock knock joke, ie.


GMEyster said...

- adores your talent...you MUST have this. Nothing bewildered me so much as the absence of that.

auntie sash said...

Diving into the shallow end, can I request sparkling eyes and a nice ass??

OK - I'll be a grown-up.
* Employed (although independently wealthy MIGHT work)
* Out (doodles do NOT disappear when the family comes to town)
* Only whines in a festive and entertaining manner and NEVER about the doodle.

Darla said...

* pushes you toward who you are destined to be, rather then holding you back because he is too afraid to be someone himself.

* can hang out with your friends, and have a real conversation with someone even if you leave the room.

* can challenge you with concrete ideas and perspectives different from your own, without always needing to "win."

* arguments are not conversations and relationships are not competitions. you need someone who knows who they are enough to love who you are and how you two differ.

* suggests weekend trips in a zipcar out of nyc.

* enjoys all forms of entertainment, suggests things you don't even think about trying or going to see.

* sees something in a window, thinks of you, buys it immediatly, can't keep the surprise long enough to wait until he sees you, so calls and tells you all about it right away.

* has his own friends, and can't stop bragging about your shows to them.

* doesn't dwell on things said in anger, sees them for what they are and moves on.

* agrees to disagree with you.

* takes care of YOU for a change.

...oh gawd. sorry. longest post ever.

A chuisle said...

just appreciates and loves you for the amazing doodle that you are. b/c he can't be "right" if he doesn't do that.

love you.

wait...i do those things!!!...i'll be your boyfriend! i'll pretend i'm danny kaye and i'll sing "the best things happen while your dancing" and scoop you up into my arms. and then we'll have a battle for the best russian composer song.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Wow. Best post ever.

Carly said...

Looks to me like you have some absolutely amazing friends. I think the goal should be finding someone you consider a friend because you are obviously good at finding the right people for those positions.
And a place on Martha's Vinyard would be nice.