Monday, February 05, 2007

The end of 5:59

Angry void is head-throbbing
Numb and staring at screen.
Typing with detached fingers,
Writing thoughts in the air.
Life is this long hallway
Leading into unknown sky.
I’m always floating in dreams
Desperate to re-ground myself.
Fancies fester freely
But never touch down.
The clouds are in my head
Fluffily frosting my thoughts.
Hoping for answers
To too many questions
I sigh and slink under the desk.
Here I hide from it
Clueless as to what that means.
I hear the tick-talk of the clock
Waiting for the end of 5:59.
Rinse and repeat
Until death do us part
I am not my job.


Darla said...

You will touch down. You just will. I love "detached fingers"

I almost thought you were about to rhyme when you said: "Leading into unknown sky/I'm always floating in my dreams/...I thought you were going to say "but never fly."

Remember you have the will to live coming up, and his name is superman!

GMEyster said...

and "you've got possibilities"...oh wait! NO YOU DON'T cause YOU GET TO BE THE VILLAIN WHICH IS THE MOST COOLEST THING EVER IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!

I am chartruse with delicious envy.

Rinse and repeat. The repeat of this song? Tee hee. You is had be funny.

Not a single one of us is our jobs, and half the resonance of that is THAT WE KNOW IT. So many out there don't...that's who I feel sorry for.

My sister Kate always tells me that I am lucky that I have always known what I wanted to do. I always countered her comment, arguing that it didn't make it any easier. But then she very keenly responded "yeah, well it's not easy for me either, and ON TOP OF THAT, I have no clue what I want to do, so shut up!"

She has a good point there.

auntie sash said...

You make auntie sash cry. You are wiser than your age, poor thing.

You know I adore you, but it would be so much easier if you would just plug in and play along. There are Idol auditions to be watched tonight and Thursday, Survivor rises again! Isn't that enough for you?


I know.

Keep fighting. mon ange.

I would not have you any other way, bitch that I am.