Saturday, February 10, 2007


Doodle likes Indian "food"? What kind of food do they serve in Australia?

All the girls had such a fun time last night seeing At Least It's Pink. Then the one or ten drinks after were pretty good too. I fell at some point. Fun times!

Dead babies. Two for one special.



GMEyster said...

I remember you falling, and I had so much to drink last night, I think it happened in slow motion. This is what I recall: Fantastic time at ALIP, seeing Denver bartender and little bartender at the show, talking like made about finding a composer/piano player who cannot sing, WRITING like mad, Jason realizing his bag was at the theatre at just about the same damn time the theatre called Jason's cell phone!, the man in the suit all up in Jason's piece, William's boy Justin telling me I was a beautiful woman, rounds of drinks, a deep discussion with Dar and Cricket re: relationships, feeling very woozy, lesbians dancing behind us, talk about 'sticking it in', feeling more woozy, getting Dar to an ATM, getting into a cab, getting home and throwing up.

I woke up this morning with mascara on my pillow and a yucky taste in my mouth. That, and I must have rubbed my eyes too hard at some point, because I have a broken blood vessel in my left eye.


Darla said...

Um, besides throwing water at Smoosh when I got home, apparently I tried to choke him...and I honestly do not remember.


p.s. i've never had indian or australian food, but i do believe in trying all things at least once. :)

Anonymous said...

composer/pianoplayer who can't sing? ouch! guess that's me

JasonBSchmidt said...

Girls, I think we may have pissed off the one man who could save us all.


Darla said...

No anonymous Nooooooooooo! Who are you? We weren't talking about anyone we knew. Confused...