Friday, February 09, 2007

Superdoodle: Episode 2-dle

Last night we had a blocking rehearsal with the principals and supplemental music rehearsal during our “down” time. I ain’t really gots no down time. A few snippets here and there. This is a lovely problem to have. I must say. The blocking was pretty basic since we’re performing in a very small space. VERY SMALL. But I think that makes it more fun and challenging. I got a few comments like, “I hope you’re great at learning lines.” Isn’t that my job? At least part of it. Anyhoo, I thought that a bit strange, but whatevs. The show is odd, but it’s going to be fun for us and for the audience, I think. I ordered the cd, so I can obsess over it on my walks to and from work and while cardio-ing at the gym. I plan on curling up with the script tomorrow and trying to get a big chunk of dialogue memorized. I wish the cd would come today, but I think it is scheduled to arrive on Monday. Sigh. At least I’ll have Monday night to listen to it before Episode 3 on Tuesday.

The sitcom I’ve been working on is going okay although Tuesday was a bit rough. After I got through that though, it seemed to smooth out. Blah blah blah.

Tonight I am seeing At Least It’s Pink, with Darladiva, Gwenners, and Crickpot. I AM SO EXCITED!! We’re having drinks before…and after…and probably during. It is a bawdy cabaret featuring a big brassy blonde in a bustier. Hott. No plans for Saturday, except studying lines and the gym, and then Darladiva and I have an audition on Sunday, after which I hope we’ll have some brunchedy goodness somewhere. I also need to do laundry and clean the mess that is my apartment. I’m seriously considering hiring someone because I don’t have the motivation or time to do it. Thoughts?

Have a HOTT weekend everyone! Doodle!!!!!


GMEyster said...

I cannot wait to see you all in an hour! I gots to dry my hair!

And yes, hire someone to clean. It's a luxury to have every once in a good while. Treat yourself - you deserve it and you have a ton on your plate!

Darla said...

I second Gwen, and I also just called you and gave you the number of a good cleaning lady...because apparently, I've got it like that.

No downtime for you=I'll actually love this show! YAY!

I'm so excited about tonight I almost peed my pants.

JasonBSchmidt said...

I almost peed your pants too!