Friday, February 16, 2007

Everyone else is posting, so must I

I have nothing to add. I keep meaning to take a look at my lines but I keep getting distracted. Looking forward to dinner, and show, and drinks, and drinks, and drinks with women this evening. I just booked an audition for Cloud 9 for Monday evening. I LOVE THAT PLAY! I did a piece from it for KCACTF (Kennedy Center Acting CTF) my Freshman year of college. An "event" during that trip inspired the first play I wrote. Woo. Sue Falls has yet to see the stage, but maybe some day. Wow, this is turning out to be the drag queeniest post and I didn't even mean for that to happen. I need to run out to get something to eat. I'm going to strap on my stilettos and put on my winter boa and head out into the wintry wonderland (grayish brown snow). What ever shall I return with? Probably some sort of soup. Goodness I AM SO INTERESTING.


Darla said...

this somehow posted twice.

i am always afraid to talk about the auditions i book...since um...i dont book the show.

*poor me*

GMEyster said...

I love Cloud 9 also. My sophomore year, they did it at my college. I was enthralled. Love me some Churchill.

Break legs at that audition!

What kind of soup did ya get?

JasonBSchmidt said...

I unposted one of them. I didn't make it out, of course, so I had cup of chicken noodle from a packet. The excitement that is my life just keeps getting better and better.


GMEyster said...

Well, you'll be EXTRA ready for those nachos and martinis tonight!

JasonBSchmidt said...

Mmmm. Margarinis.

auntie sash said...

I think that's the only script you've sent to me (a bold thing to do I-must-say). Stick figure girlies on the cover. Hmm. Maybe that was Rue B??? Dunno.

Down a 'rita for me. My evening is making sandwiches with the OTHER aunt. She's feeding the elephant keepers tomorrow as one of the elephants is having a tusk removed.

(Even our non-related relatives are pretty damn weird)

as to the audition? Merdre!!

(that's the french version of "break a leg". I wonder if this thing has a censor??)

JasonBSchmidt said...

Auntie, I vividly remember that you did not want me to immortalize the name Cuddles Camp (a combination of my first pet and my mother's maiden name) for the name of the drag queen. She was Babs Divine for a while, but evolved into Sue Falls (rolls eyes at self until he goes blind).

Stick figure girlies was the first cabaret Darladiva and I put together.

"tusk removed" Does this mean elephant-rhinoplasty (whoa) or elephant-orthodontics? I guess it's a combination? Ask Auntie Kat for the edumucation of the blogworld?

Merdre, merdre, merdre!

GMEyster said...

I remember when you used my old computer to design the Rue B program.

Ah, those were the days.

The word "elephant" is really funny if you say it over and over.

Darla said...

you all are drunk, aren't you?

I've got two words for you:


A chuisle said...


no matter how soupy you are, i will always think you're one of the most interesting and amazing people i know, ma dear!

auntie sash said...

1) Oregon is pretty liberal but elephant rhino ANYTHING is still violates local morality ordinances.

2) Picture wisdom teeth removal. With chainsaws. Gag. Do NOT google new article. Really.

2) I wanted Cuddles to be one of the choices on your quizzy, but sadly no. Le pauvre chien. Stick with imaginary pets, mon ange.

3) Hard to believe that MOI was the voice of reason, stopping you from sending grampa Camp to an early GRAVE.

OK - bad french, but you can't capitalize 'I' for emphasis and "Je was" makes my ears itch and is there any remaining DOUBT that we are related when a simple comment turns into a francophonic OCD grammar moment not to MENTION a run on sentence from hell? (Wish I could dangle a participle there just for effect.)