Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Super Doodle: Episode 3

Last night the entire cast was called because we were going to learn the music for the BIG ACT 1 FINALE/ PRODUCTION NUMBER called It’s Super Nice. Then, afterwards we would be learning the choreography. Keep in mind the stage is probably 12 feet by 8 feet, give or take. This number really features our 6 ensemble members, so we didn’t have to learn too much music. The choreographer called the girl ensemble in first, and then the boy ensemble to work the dancety-ness, we were to be added later. So, we worked our solos, duets, ballet combinations (just me) with Music McDirector. The beginning of this one song I do is so weird and recitative-y (talk-sing-y for Darladiva) that I just could not seem to get it. I talk for a measure then sing for a measure, back to talking, and the rhythm is weird and people are watching and listening and judging (in my head) and so it was frustrating. I didn’t get it til a bit later when I suddenly had a break from the rest of the cast (I’ll elucidate in a moment). Okay, blah blah, we sang our songs, then went into the dance room. It is SO CUTE (the dance, not the room, the room is fine). Very 60’s. Corey O’Grapher started to fill us into the back behind the adorable dancers; he called up that guy, then that girl, this the other chick, and that one fellow, and then there was just me, poor little Dr. left. Anyhoo, it turns out I don’t have to dance. Darn. You’ll see what I do have to do when you see the show. Let’s just say the director and producer missed most of the choreography. Eh hem. I’ll tone it down of course, because I am a GIVER. Anyhoo, the rest of the cast continued learning the dance, etc and I got to go back and work with Music McDirector on my songs with no one else in the room. Perfect. I finally got them down. Yay! That’s that for now. Looking forward to having tonight off. Oh, and I got my cd of the show in the mail yesterday. Actually, someone brought the package over to the owner of The Office, who was standing near my desk and said, “here you go a cd came for you.” He opened it and said, “oh it’s a bird it’s a plane it’s super..., uh Jason I’m so sorry I think this is for you. Sorry to have opened your mail.” “Oh that’s okay.” Whatevs.


GMEyster said...

sounds like rehearsals are going great

Carly said...

Hooray for no dancing!!! I find that part of rehearsing the most terrifying. It's so dangerous!

Darla said...

i somehow know recitative, but just because i have a half-decent vocabularly, not because i know music-speak.

woo hoo! i think this means you get to do funny, while other people do dancy. Me like.

HobartTyco said...

Corey O’Grapher? I love his work. You are so lucky to be able to work with such talent. And if Music McDirector was able to help you with your recitative, then he sounds pretty good too. I hope it doesn't turn out like Rent: The Movie.
Do it, it.
Touch it.
Hold me Bat Boy
Touch me Bat Boy
Love me Bat Boy
Save me Bat Boy
Hold me in your arms tonight

JasonBSchmidt said...

Happy Valentine's Day Hobart (the hippo, not the blogger)

A chuisle said...

Corey O’Grapher <------ this made me giggle probably a little too much. :)

I love you. and yay for rehearsals!